It all began when Eddy Maroun was skiing in Faraya back in 2010 and wanted to listen to music on that mountain resort.  With iTunes unavailable at that time in Lebanon, his only two options were to either buy CDs and upload the music on his Ipod, or illegally download MP3s— which didn’t seem like an ethical thing to do. 

As a solution to the unavailability of music streaming and intellectual property theft in the Middle East, Eddy Maroun and his colleague, Elie Habib, partnered up and Anghami was born in 2012. What worked in Maroun’s favor was that he was the first to approach Arabic record labels such as Rotana, Platinum Records, Mazzika, and Watary and introduced the idea of music streaming at a time when many had never heard of it. These record labels saw Anghami as a positive act to protect their copyrights and stop, or at least minimize, the piracy of music that threatens artists’ work. 

Anghami is now the leading music streaming platform in the MENA region, with the largest library of digital Arabic music in the world, and it also has a wide range of international music, a total of 26 million songs. 

The platform enables users to discover new music, stream unlimited songs, and share tracks in real-time on various social networks. Anghami offers the exclusive stream of new singles and albums, sometimes up to a week before they are heard on other platforms. Until today, Anghami has raised a total of $14.3M from various investors such as MEVP, MBC Ventures, Mobily Ventures, Endeavor Catalyst, and Samena Capital. 

Listeners have two options on Anghami; either have access to unlimited songs with ads for free, or pay a monthly subscription of $4.99 with access to unlimited downloads and offline listening with no ads. 

Maroun knew that customers might be hesitant about making app payments online, and thus decided to form partnerships with telecom companies that would provide Anghami with specific deals. 

Recently, Touch, the leading mobile operator managed by Zain, partnered with Anghami in order to allow for in-app purchases. This new deal allows customers to purchase music directly and charge it on their phone bill. For Postpaid lines, the fees will be added to their monthly bill, and for Prepaid lines, the fees are deducted from the available balance.

To subscribe to Anghami, users should send an SMS including “A1” (Anghami 200MB) or “A2” (Anghami 1GB) to 1133, download Touch self-care app and go to “My Services”, or login to My Touch and activate the service in ‘Manage my Services’. The service will be automatically renewed every 30 days.

Anghami will be subject to a revenue share agreement. This means that the revenues of any song purchased will be split between Anghami and Touch, and the exact percentage will be based on the contract between them. 

Since the day Eddy Maroun’s idea was shaped in Faraya until today, Anghami has gathered a total of 32 million downloads and 5 million active listeners a month.