Founded in 2015 by Mohamad Nabaa and Ralph Khairallah, Carpolo is an app dedicated to carpooling and lift sharing that aims to widen the circle of people that you can carpool with by connecting you with trustworthy individuals from the community. Carpolo not only targets daily commuters in communities such as universities, medium and large companies, and municipalities but also HR and CSR managers in companies and administrators in universities to provide them with a platform which increases carpooling among their community members.

While short distance carpooling is a global phenomenon and has become a part of the modern city’s infrastructure, what sets Carpolo apart from other short distance carpooling solutions in the market is its need to innovate for a local market. Carpolo is a community-based app that focuses on existing networks between people rather than forced carpooling. The founders behind

Carpolo also believe that for short distance carpooling to happen, they need to increase socialization and gamification as well as offer a friendly user experience that streamlines carpooling and reduces the logistical hassle of organizing a ride. There the app is a unique mix of features that include institutional verification, a points exchange system, and real-time streaming.

Carpolo currently has more than 2000 users from the public community, and aim to adapt their model to medium and large institutions in remote markets, with the main criteria being large markets, congested roads, and unreliable public transportation. Since launching, Carpolo has received angel funding from Diane Foundation as well $30K via Speed@BDD’s acceleration program, and has participated in several competitions including NCC Award AUB, GSVC, GES, MIT EF Arab and Bigbooster.

Moreover, last year, Carpolo teamed up with Touch in its ‘Don’t Drive Campaign’ to increase road safety awareness and encourage carpooling to reduce congestion and CO2 emissions. Touch has also provided generous awards such as mobile devices and cash prizes to the top carpoolers on Carpolo’s leaderboard as well as a marketplace where users can redeem their Carpolo points for Touch recharge cards and vouchers.