On Tuesday the 20th of August, Touch Lab hosted a workshop entitled ‘Effective Sales Techniques’ facilitated by Ghassan Nawfal aka. Gus, Commercial Director at Arabnet. The main focus of the workshop was to open the minds of the startups and Touch Executives on what are the simple yet most effective ways for us to tackle sales.  

Some highlights from the workshop:

“We are all salespeople selling something and we need to accept that.”


  1.   Need vs. Want
  2.   Value Vs. Price
  3.   Law of Exchange

The most effective way to build a strong sales culture is to ensure that everyone understands what sales is about. We need to not only train ourselves on the product but on how to sell the product.  

According to Gus, one major challenge that companies face today is knowledge transfer between successful salespeople and new salespeople. The best way to deal with it is by looking at sales as a science not an art. Sales strategy, sales tactics, and a sales plan are key to have if any company wants to monitor their sales approach and most importantly to have a tool to evaluate ourselves.

In sales, the most challenging responses you can receive are sales objections. This can be seen as a roadblock or a sign that there is more work that needs to be done. Without the proper tools, most salespeople are left with no other option than to pack up their sales kit in defeat.

The ABC’s of sales consists of three attributes: Attitude, Belief, and Confidence. Remove any of these three and success in sales will quickly dwindle.