Founded in 2016 by Samir Khattar and Lucien Chemaly, Dentiflow is a cloud-based practice management platform tailored for dentists that allows them to optimize and manage every facet of their business from patient records storage to scheduling, billing and more. Using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Technology, Dentiflow organizes clinic data and helps dentists retain and acquire new patients.

To use Dentiflow, dentists simply subscribe with their email address and phone number, and then log into the platform on the website or mobile application with their username and password. Once logged in, dentists can schedule their appointments, access all their patients’ records, keep track of their revenues and expenses, send their patients SMS reminders, and track all operations done on their patients via digital teeth charts.

Dentiflow offers four different packages for dentists, the Basic Package which is 17$/month and caters to a single dentist, the Professional Package which is $27/month and caters to a single dentist in addition to 1 assistant, the Advanced Package which is $37/month and caters to 2 dentists and 2 assistants, and the Polyclinic Package which caters to min. 5 dentists and 5 assistants.

In 2016, Dentiflow graduated from Speed@BDD’s third acceleration program and received $30K in seed funding. Last year, the startup was also selected as one of 10 to go through the Nucleus’ 3 month program in which they received $50K in cash and services. Dentiflow officially launched their platform at the Beirut International Dental Meeting in October 2017, and just last week were selected as one the 6 touch innovators to go through the touch Innovation Program (TIP) where they will spend the next 6 months taking their startup ideas to the next level.