Founded in 2017 by Nicolas Jamal, Dox is software as a service (SaaS) startup providing a battery predictive maintenance platform that will help fleet owners eliminate inventory costs and site visits while improving the reliability of their batteries with the use of their cutting-edge machine learning algorithm. Dox’s software works on any type of battery (lead acid, lithium, nickel, etc.) and in multiple industries such as electric bikes, electric cars, drones, etc.

Dox’s solution consists of an online dashboard, mobile app (iOS and Android), and a set of APIs. In addition to battery alerts and automatic maintenance scheduling, the platform also features battery analytics and task management that will allow users to check battery metrics, compare battery performances, check key KPIs as well as assign tasks for other team members and track the performance of technicians.

So how does it work? First, Dox’s REST APIs must be integrated in order to get the batteries’ data via the battery management systems. Once integrated, all devices, batters and users should be added to Dox’s system using the mobile app. After the onboarding process is complete, the replacement/failure of batteries will be indicated to the users through the Dox app.

Last week, Dox was selected as one the 6 touch innovators to go through the touch Innovation Program (TIP) where they will spend the next 6 months taking their startup ideas to the next level. In February, Dox also came in 2nd place at the Startup Battle Competition at ArabNet Beirut, and were one of 6 startups selected to go through the Nucleus’ 3 month program last summer. Currently, Dox is in the middle of a private beta, in which companies can join the program and test the product for themselves.