Founded in 2016 by Samir Khattar and Lucien Chemaly, Dentiflow is a cloud-based practice management platform tailored for dentists that allows them to optimize and manage every facet of their business from patient records storage to scheduling, billing and more.

To find out more about Dentiflow, we sat down with co-founder Samir Khattar and discussed the platform as well as the program’s flow up until now.

Q: Why did you choose to apply to the TIP and what were you hoping to achieve/benefit from the program?

A: We decided to apply to TIP after seeing advertisements for the program. Since it is organized by touch, the leading operator in Lebanon; we believed that the program would help us gain a better reputation in the market especially that we deal with healthcare and our company’s validity is very crucial. Our second reason to join TIP was the mentorship program itself where we found that the program could help solve our weaknesses in marketing which are due to the fact that all the founders of Dentiflow are software engineers and have no marketing experience.


Q: What problem is your solution addressing?

A: We aim to make data management in clinics easier. Most dentists today still use pen and paper, their own excel sheets, or different systems that are expensive and difficult to use. For that reason, we created a cloud system solution that is both easy and cheaper to use.


Q: What’s the current state of your startup?

A: We came up with the idea for our startup about two years ago, and have recently released the soft launch of the product. We currently have 40 dentists who use the platform and the platform consists of an appointment management feature that allows dentists to book, check, and manage appointments, an electronic health record of the clients, and a billing plan for everything that has to do with accounting. We are a team of 4, and are looking for ways to expand in Lebanon and in the MENA region with the program in terms of sales.

Q: What are your customers/users saying about your solution?

A: We received varied feedback and depending on our users’ feedback, we have changed some features and cancelled others all together. Most of the feedback we have received was positive and many of our clients are happy with the support, the product, the UI/UX and some were even surprised to know that the platform is Lebanese. On the other hand, many clinics also had specific needs they wanted addressed in the platform and considering that we are a small team that has taken us some time to fulfill.

Q: What have you benefited from the program’s workshops and activities so far?

A: One of the main reasons we joined TIP was to improve our marketing and sales strategies, and so far, the first workshop we attended was about sales where the facilitator really shed his knowledge about several strategies. These strategies included how to approach new clients, how to transform leads to prospects to eventually close deals, and how to tackle our users on social media through either endorsements or ads. In addition to that, we had a meeting with our touch mentors and we especially liked the way one of the mentors, Hisham Ashkar, motivated us to just get up and do some change. The TIP program also gave us a chance to have an interview this week on a segment on OTV that will definitely help our startup reach more dentists locally.