Podcasting has become a recognized medium for distributing audio content, whether for corporate or personal use. Podcasts are similar to radio programs, but they are audio files that listeners can play at their convenience.

In the MENA region, podcasts and audiobooks are picking up pace. Based on a research conducted by UAE-based podcast producer Kerning Cultures and in5, Dubai’s media incubator, there are up to 300 active podcast shows in Arabic and English across the Middle East. However, this world of audio storytelling remains relatively unexplored in the Middle East today. Stefano Fallaha hopes to change that with his disruptive solution, Fallound.

Fallound, one of TIP’s 2nd cycle finalists, is an application and software for cars that optimizes audio content based on commute time and personal interests. The company’s algorithm identifies the length of time users will be driving and selects a podcast with the same duration.

“We want to fill people’s time with exciting and educational content when they are on the go,” Fallaha said. “People complain they don’t have time to read or watch a video, so their only getaway would be audio.”

He added, “We’re disrupting the radio industry, and broadcasting networks are now stepping up their game and getting into personalization to stay relevant. The mindset shift will come to Lebanon eventually, but it needs a lot more time.”

The company recently raised $125K and is looking to work with car manufacturers to embed its technology. Fallound is currently free to download on the App Store, available soon on the Play Store, where users can enjoy ad-free audio streams. Fallaha has plans for monetization via subscription fees of $3.99 per month for exclusive content by signing exclusive agreements with content publishers.