Lebanon’s 1st Agri-Food Innovation Day, organized by Berytech under the patronage of his Excellency Mr. Saad Hariri, took place on the 5th of February in New Biel, garnering great success. The event gathered over 1200 students, academics and researchers, engineers, innovators, investors, agri-food sector players, government officials, the media and ecosystem partners.

During the event, touch has announced a partnership with the Agrytech Startup IOTree, one of the Agrytech Accelerator startups, as well as a golden pass that allows the startup to join the touch innovation program (TIP) cycle 3 starting in April 2019.

IOTree is a smart wireless network of smart traps that are developed using a deep learning algorithm and machine vision designed for the early detection, classification, and counting of different types of harmful pests. Farmers can benefit from the IOTree app by receiving real-time reports and updates on the best agricultural practices to deal with pest invasions. IOTree will be the first organization in Lebanon to deploy Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT), in partnership with touch. In its first trial project, IOTree will connect twenty smart traps to base stations located in Der Tamich (Awkar) and Rabweh utilizing NB-IoT technology.

Commenting on the partnership, touch Chief Commercial Officer, Mr. Nadim Khater, “Today, connectivity and technological innovation play a pivotal role in developing the agriculture industry. touch’s is providing leading edge connectivity to IOTree’s sensors delivering reliability, scale, and very long battery life using the powerful 3GPP NB-IoT standard. We are very proud of this relevant IoT use case debut”.

Attendees also witnessed the launch of the 1st Lebanese agri-food consortium Qoot. Qoot is initiated by Berytech and the Kingdom of the Netherlands, with the active guidance of FoodValley, Netherland’s leading agri-food cluster. It was born out of a resolve to equip Lebanon with the resources and processes that have made the Netherlands one of the leading agricultural innovators and food exporters worldwide.

On stage, 9 startups from the Agrytech Accelerator demonstrated months of work in developing their business, all incorporating innovation as a main factor in addressing the challenges of the agri-food sector locally and globally.