Internet service providers (ISP), tend to face technical challenges of system set up and maintenance in addition to bearing the high costs of servers whilst setting up. This is where Zima, the brainchild of Naim Zard and Fouad Farah, steps in.

MITEF Pan Arab Alumni, Zima, is a software platform that helps small community ISPs manage their internet like a big ISP by providing them with the same grade of tools for a fraction of the cost. Zima is different by being cloud-based and just takes 2 minutes to set up. Other systems require hardware installation and a lot of time get started.
Some of the tools Zima offers are quota consumption and peak time management, user connections, subscription packages and variable bandwidth rates, in addition to accounting and reports.

Zima currently have 40 paying ISPs covering 12,000 internet users, and are converting 3 paying ISPs per week in markets such as the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, Lebanon, India, Pakistan, South Africa and Swaziland.

Zima’s services can also be extended to support SMEs, residential and business communities and co-working spaces.

Zima aims to serve 50,000 ISPs and cover 25 million internet users within the next 5 years, and these ambitious plans just took a step closer to achieve as it’s one of the startups in the 3rdcohort of TIP startups that will benefit from mentors, further exposure, and the opportunity to grow with the touch team.