Berytech recently announced that it will be opening up its Digital Fabrication Lab to all individuals, be it working alone or as part of a team, who are working on a health technology solution that can urgently help alleviate the repercussions of the growing Coronavirus pandemic.

Furthermore, Berytech also said that it will be supporting up to 5 projects with up to a $10,000 grant each, while a team of lab engineers will be providing machines and assistance to help in the development of prototypes.

Housed in the Berytech innovation park in Mar Roukoz, the Digital Fabrication Lab includes a prototyping space that accommodates various digital fabrication tools that allow anyone to design, engineer, and produce a wide range of concoctions. The list of available tools includes power tools, a milling machine, a laser cutter, 3D Printers, a 3D Scanner, a vacuum forming machine, and an electronics workbench, to name a few.

The official announcement from Berytech cited some examples of solutions that would qualify to gain access to the lab and services. Those include:

  • Ventilators that could be locally sourced and produced.
  • Tube connectors that can deliver air from the respirator machine to the tracheal tubing inside the patient’s throat.
  • Personal protective equipment including face masks and face shields.
  • In demand spare parts for existing medical machines and not available in stock – Berytech can help 3D print those.
  • And mobile apps for detection, tracing, and information sharing – Berytech also has developers and coders ready.
  • Who can join? Anyone with an idea and a plan. Submissions will be judged on a number of criteria, including the project’s potential customer segments, social impact, scalability, time-to-market, and the team behind it.

Finally, Berytech is also calling on medical professionals, manufacturing institutions, the media, and anyone that wants to help to reach out to them.

Additional information on the initiative, eligibility criteria, submissions, and how you can help can all be found here.