Success Stories: Ecomz’ Overnight Success Amid the Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has sent a devastating economic shockwave around the globe, forcing entire industries to a standstill, stock markets to fall, and unemployment to soar. But even a recession can present opportunities for businesses to thrive and prosper, provided that they possess courage, foresight, and ingenuity. Take the award-winning eCommerce platform, and TIP cycle
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How the World Will Change

From changes to our daily routines to a possible global rebalancing of power, our world will forever be changed by the coronavirus pandemic. After many sleepless nights spent scouring the web for opinions and predictions, here are 3 trends experts believe will fundamentally affect the digital world. Regulatory Barriers be Gone It’s crunch time for
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A Friend in Need: Touch’s ‘Crisis Management’-Themed Cycle is Open for Applications

Decreasing sales, a weakened balance sheet, shrinking cash flow reserves, a dwindling valuation, and, god forbid, closure. Unfortunately, these are some of the often inescapable eventualities that even well-performing businesses will have to deal with during periods of economic downturn. So what does this mean for up and coming entrepreneurs? The first question that naturally
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