Mohammed and Hani El Hoss, as well as their family, have been supplying to the HoReCa industry for over 15 years, which accounts for 20% of Lebanese workers, and 19% of the Lebanese GDP. They conducted a survey in which they learnt that almost half the businesses purchase non-food items twice a month in a fragmented market, facing time consumption challenges and dealing with multiple suppliers. Through the survey, they also learnt that 66% of the businesses surveyed, were willing to digitize their procurement process.

This lead to the inception of CloudSale, an online B2B marketplace where wholesalers showcase their products,  and buyers can compare items at different price points, get the best deals in real-time, have the items delivered to them in a timely manner, plus the platform offers payment and credit solutions via partnerships with affiliate banks.

Having launched in Lebanon in 2017, CloudSale was a top 10 finalist in Seedstar Beirut 2017, took part in Flat6Lab Beirut’s Cycle 2 in 2018, and were finalists in the 1st Global Gastronomy Tourism Startup Competition earlier this year.

Today, CloudSale beta platform is live, with several key accounts, recurrent orders, partnerships, generating revenue from sales margins between 17% and 35% depending on the product. Their monthly sales has tripled in Q2 of 2019.

Their goal within the next year is to serve over 500 HoReCa businesses, have at least 6000 SKUs on the platform, and onboard over 30 suppliers within Lebanon prior to launching in the UAE  and KSA next.

CloudSale has been climbing the ladder of success and touch is proud to take part in the next chapter of the startup’s journey.