Touch is dedicated to supporting and educating the youth, constantly offering them the opportunity to expand their horizons and develop essential skills in order for them to be successful later in life and encourage them to lead the future generation of innovators.

True to the dedication, touch hosted an educational and fun workshop at its headquarters for touch’s employees’ children conducted by Cherpa, a cycle 3 TIP startup. The workshop was provided to 25 teenagers equipping them with skills needed to build and code rovers to maneuver autonomously, introducing them to the world of robotics.


The workshop also helped the teenegers acquire and develop 21stcentury skills such as creative and critical thinking exercises, communication, problem-solving and teamwork. The teams were provided with a challenge for which they worked on their robots in order to be able to complete the challenge.

The event was the result of the TIP mentorship program along with the touch employees, Mona Name, Karine Ouaini, Jessica Ghazal, and Borhan El Deen Chaaban, who have been responsible for mentoring Cherpa throughout Cycle three.

At the completion of the workshop, Nadim Khater, Chief Commercial Officer, Dr. Charbel Cordahi, Chief Financial Officer, and Dr. Ali Yassine, the Chief Operations Officer, distributed certifications to the workshop participants in the presence of their parents.

Cherpa is part of TIP’s Cycle 3 cohort and is an interactive online platform dedicated to teaching robotics in a fun and interactive way. Cherpa is a gamified e-learning platform equipping youth with skills needed for future jobs targeting schools and parents.You can read more about Cherpa here.