On the 18th of April, Touch celebrated the success of the touch Innovation Program (TIP) in its past 2 cycles and welcomed the participants of the upcoming 3rd cycle. The celebration took place at Touch Lab, Beirut and gathered many renowned names in the market from entrepreneurs to investors.

Nadim Khater, CCO of touch, took the stage to welcome the attendees to yet another cycle of the TIP program. He kicked off his speech by noting how touch as a Telco and corporation has been working relentlessly on supporting startups, enhancing its experience from its 1st cycle until today.

After his welcoming speech, Stefano Fallaha, Fallound’s CEO, Borhan Eddine Chaaban, Products & Services Contracts Compliance Team Leader at touch and mentor of Fallound, Omar Jabaly, Internal Audit Senior Specialist at touch and mentor of The Makers Hub, and Sabine El Kahi, CEO at The Makers Hub, sat side by side in a panel discussion moderated by Arabnet’s Rita Makhoul, in which they shared their experience in TIP, whether as a startup or a corporation, and highlighted how corporates and startups can work together and benefit from each other on the long-term.

Looking forward to follow the footsteps of the 2nd cycle startups, the new cohorts made their way to the stage and introduced their products/services to the audience excited for a hopeful and productive cycle as usual.

If you missed out on the 3rd cycle opening, make sure to check out our previous blog in which we provide a quick profiling of the new cohort.